Winter Hues


Is anyone else excited that winter is approaching? I love it when you can wrap up in chunky knits and striped woolly bed socks and not feel guilty about staying in, snug as a bug watching X-factor, instead of venturing out into the cold (I bought an amazing pair of pink and grey striped “slipper socks” with pom-poms last week from River Island, they’re in the “lounge-wear” section on their website

In reality however, as I live in England, winter usually means that it simply rains more… as opposed to being really cold in the lovely fresh way that you get in other countries in Europe. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve been very happy about the fact that it’s been unseasonably warm recently – for a couple of reasons: saving on gas bills (is it just me or are they getting outrageous!) and, obviously, the lack of rain!

But due to the seasonal nature of fashion I’ve been buying pieces for my A/W wardrobe since August – and I want to get wearing them! It’s now time to get out the scarves, hats and gloves that you’ve had wrapped up all year to keep out the moths (I have those pesky tiny ones that you don’t seem to be able to get rid of – they’re very annoying!) and start layering.

Nevertheless, if the moths have got to your sweaters, panic not as there is some fabulous knitwear around at the moment. It’s interesting though that a client of mine commented the other day that the majority of knits in stores appeared to be either black or grey. Now this isn’t really an issue for me as I love both of those colours (even though apparently I shouldn’t wear either as they are “not in my colour palette” – a very important topic for another blog, so don’t even get me started!). We went into Warehouse on Argyll Street (W1) and there wasn’t much choice colour-wise for knits. However, there was much more on their website. They had a good selection of purples, reds and greens in some really great shapes (check out


One of the most versatile pieces of knitwear I’ve bought this season is this great jumper dress from River Island – of course it’s grey! It was £39.99 and is great dressed up with tights and ankle boots or dressed down with black jeggings and flats (

So have a play around with knitwear this season and don’t just head for the v-neck sweater aisle. An easy item to up-date an outfit is a cardigan-coat. Go for one that’s drapy as opposed to too chunky as they can pile on the pounds… obviously black or grey would be a great investment but I saw a great one in French Connection in purple ( that would make a real statement even with a simple pair of jeans… and a v-neck sweater!

Insider tip –  I was at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire last week (I’m their Style Consultant) and I bought the most stunning pair of Ralph Lauren black cashmere elbow length gloves… a genuine snip at £29.99 reduced from £125!! They had purple and green ones too but get there quick as they won’t last long (!

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