Special Items

I was in Boots the other day and when I was at the till the girl serving me said how much she liked my purse (as pictured) and she asked me where it was from. I told her that it was Marc Jacobs and before I could finish she said, “Oh well I can’t afford that, I knew it was expensive!”

Marc Jacobs purseAnyway, I told her that it was in fact from the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in London (56 South Audley Street) and part of the “Special items” collection that can be seen on their website www.marcjacobs.com. I first came across these items in New York last year as they had a whole store dedicated to them – it was amazing! The shop in London is similar but Marc by Marc Jacobs is sold in there too. However, it’s the cheaper items that dominate the store. From the outside you may feel intimidated to go in – but don’t panic as no matter what your budget you can afford to buy something since prices start from £1! You almost need a basket there are so many things you suddenly realise you need… Last time I went I was looking for gifts for my sister’s birthday and I bought her a purse, a canvas tote bag, an “Eiffel Tower” necklace and a “stinky rat” key-ring (at only £1 a definite must have!!).

What else do they sell? For men, there are scarves, gloves, bags, belts, flip-flops and wallets… For women, purses, necklaces, rings, clutch bag, shopping bags… loads of stuff and all at great prices. So if there are any Marc Jacobs fans out there it’s well worth a visit and the perfect destination for Christmas presents that any “fashionista” would love!

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