A new year… a new you?

Jonathon Ross asked Catherine Tate on his show on Friday night whether she’d made any resolutions this year and she simply replied, “Oh what, like going to the gym? No… what’s the point?” Some people make them every year without fail… I on the other hand pretty much agree with Miss Tate as I’m still working on the resolutions I made last year and possibly the year before. It always seems like such a good idea to draw a line in the sand on January 1st and decide that this will be the year to loose weight, sort out your finances and not eat carbs after lunch etc… Basically all the same things you promise yourself every year!

Personally, I’ve never been inspired to do any of the above – even though I wish I could get into NY resolutions like going to the gym… as the last time I went was during my university induction back in 1997 – well actually it was the step class I did the following afternoon when I was moved to the back of the class for being a disruptive element (I got an uncontrollable fit of the giggles and couldn’t get a grip!)!! The next day I got the flu and never went back… well, it had made me ill!!

© Radim Spitzer | Dreamstime.com

Even though that’s a lie – I had a 12 night stay in “Trump Towers”  in New York for a family holiday last year and I went to the gym almost every day (I got quite addicted to the running machine)! However, I couldn’t really get into it as several well known celebs have apartments there and just in case Brad Pitt for example (he doesn’t live there but I can dream!), did stroll in, I was trying to jog without breaking into a sweat (which is my kind of work-out!)? However, we found out a couple of days into our stay that there was a separate entrance taking the “celebrity” “in-mates” straight up to a higher level in the tower – so we mere mortals were never going to run into Mr. Trump or Brad Pitt for that matter – damn!! There was then no excuse for not running properly on the treadmill!! Double damn…

All these good intentions – going to the gym, not shopping in Topshop 4 days a week… don’t tend to last as they’re always too extreme. I think maybe that smaller, more achievable changes are a better idea – for me anyway, as I have the attention span of a knat when it comes to anything that takes too much perseverance!

© Pkruger | Dreamstime.com

Fashion-wise however, something that does give instant results and isn’t too taxing is a “wardrobe cleanse”. Just to let you know, there’s no point in doing one unless you’re up to it…. You need to feel quite ruthless for those tense moments – do you keep the bright orange (micro) mini-skirt from Kookai that you haven’t worn since you were 16 (for the fancy dress box only of course) or do you put it in the bin where it belongs? Difficult decisions have to be made!!  

To give you some guidance, here are my top tips for a successful cleanse:

 1. Look at your wardrobe as a whole. Literally stand in front of your clothes and see how easy it is to visualize your wardrobe in outfits? If it all looks like a blur then you definitely need to get it in order.

2. Go through every individual piece – and be critical. When did you last wear it? Is it worn out or discoloured? Does it go with anything? If not, could something be bought to go with it?

3. Try on items that you haven’t tried on in a while – not only to see if they still fit, but to look at shape too. Does the style look dated, is the length wrong etc?

 4. Make a list of items needing to be replaced or bought to make outfits with items already in your wardrobe.

 5. Arrange your wardrobe by season (at the moment your summer wardrobe should be packed away!). Then divide your clothes by item and then into colours – put all your dresses together, all your jackets, jeans etc. I find it’s also useful to split up dressy and casual items. Once this has been done you can easily see how many work tops you have for example, clearly showing you what gaps you have in your wardrobe. Or more often than not… that you have 5 black v-neck sweaters and 6 black cardigans – then you realise why you’re so bored with your wardrobe as everything you have is the same!  (But of course if all this sounds too much like hard work then hire someone like me who can do it for you!!)

So put some time aside and get “cleansing”… You may well realise OMG – I’ve got no clothes (my clients’ usual reaction)!! However, don’t fret as this isn’t an issue actually as in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Shopping is my cardio” – so you won’t need that gym subscription after-all!

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