Roll on the sunshine…

I’ve read several articles recently about how difficult people are finding it to know what to wear at the moment…. And I’m feeling their pain! Now I know it’s only March and that it’s often cool around this time of year – but it’s getting ridiculous. I’m sure the potential for snow has never lingered for so long…. Not in my life-time anyway! And just in case you haven’t heard, more flakes are forecast for next week!! The worst thing for me as a regular tube user is that I have to dress for all seasons in one outfit because it’s always freezing on the walk to and from the station AM and PM. However, of course the underground itself is like being in the Bahamas! I always look like a donkey when on the tube as I’m carrying all the layers that I’ve peeled off as I descend to what feels at times, like the centre of the earth. What with the tube, the weather outside and the heating inside, my skin is looking like a nightmare at the moment… Thankfully I’ve just moved in with a friend who’s a facialist!! How lucky I am to have someone on hand for all skin emergencies!!

Anyway, I’d planned to write about how I too was lacking inspiration when getting dressed in the morning due to the cold weather, as all I’m doing is piling on another layer of black… and from no-where up popped the sun (this was Monday) so I thought – no, not relevant anymore (I had my fingers crossed)! But then a day later, low and behold – the weather turns “Siberian” again….

At the beginning of the year I was so excited to get out there and hit the shops but as the February temperatures plummeted so did my enthusiasm for my prospective S/S wardrobe!! I don’t usually need to put aside time to “go shopping” of course as I’m always in the shops and spot things (far too frequently) which I just pick up after I’ve put my clients in a cab or dropped them at their chosen tube stop when our time together is done – however, recently instead of hanging around the shops I’ve wanted to whip down the stairs to the tube with them… to get home ASAP, eat and watch 2 episodes of Gossip Girl which I’ve become totally obsessed with (ok – I know I’m behind on this one, but I’d taken an instant dislike to the show after Grazia had described it back in 2007 as the “new” SATC – which was so not true!! You cannot compare Blair and Serena to Carrie et al! However I thought I’d give it a go…. and actually I’m really rather enjoying it!). So in a nut-shell, I’ve turned into a bit of a hermit – and I blame the weather (don’t panic I am still venturing out… I went to Bungalow 8 on Saturday night. It was quite fab and less posey than I’d expected, which was good – the only celeb sighting was Darius… does he count??)!

So in conclusion shopping-wise, the problem is I know it’s all out there waiting for me – but I’m finding it much easier to walk away than usual because unless I can wear my new purchase with the same black cardigan/blazer I’ve been wearing for the last 4 months I’m thinking, “Well, I can pick it up in a couple of weeks!” However one thing that I do have to keep reminding myself of is that I often prefer the collections in store at this point of the season, as in a couple of months the fabrics will get even lighter, for the high summer season. So in theory, if you miss out now, all that’ll be left will be shorts, t-shirts and kaftans! No – I’m being dramatic… But if you can drag yourself away from your latest box-set then you’ll certainly have choice at the moment…. But how do you wear your new purchases when it’s so chilly outside? Well all of the nudes, khakis and beiges that are so “hot” for this season happen to look great with black (the relief!) and pretty good with grey too. And the key word? Layering – the only way to dress at the moment. Add some of the new season’s colour palette in with your basics and you’ll begin to feel a bit more current again. So I’ll finish as I started… Roll on the sunshine!!

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