My Danish bargain…

I was in Copenhagen for work last week and had a great time as always. The weather was stunning, even though it got a bit too hot actually – I thought I was going to pass out when I arrived at the SAND showroom it was so humid and after having a sip of pink champagne when our meeting had finished, I was drunk instantly (I am a very cheap date!). Thank the Lord for Lee Stafford’s Poker Straight Dehumidifier spray for my hair – it was actually looking pretty decent considering… I definitely recommend it (visit! 

I arrived a bit early for my first meeting so I had some wandering-around time. I thought I’d have a look for a couple of summer bargains to add to my Ibiza wardrobe (I’m not going until September but I’m trying to plan ahead – as by that time there’ll be faux-fur coats and ski jackets in the shops!). I headed to Vero Moda ( where I tried on some very “Scandinavian” trousers that I thought looked pretty cool (big harem-style things with pockets in a crazy print) but I looked like a maniac in them! They were far too baggy in certain areas but tight in others – not a good look unless you’re 17 or Danish (I don’t know how they get away with them but they really do)! I headed across the street to a shop owned by the same company as Vero Moda, called Pieces, a jewellery and accessories brand that also sells some seasonal clothing. Everything was very well-priced and they had some great summer stuff which was perfect, just what I was looking for (Pieces is stocked in some Vero Moda outlets in the UK – for more info have a look at their website 

Anyway, I bought a very flattering/wearable black cotton throw-on dress for the equivalent of about £16, a scarf and a necklace. The scarf was one of those giant tube things which is meant to revolutionize your wardrobe. It’s basically a large sheet of jersey fabric (it was about £26). I was drawn to the colour initially as it was a bright limey-yellow, which I love for summer. I also thought about how rubbish I am at packing “lightly” for holidays and that it might turn out to be a multi-functional piece for Ibiza! 

The instruction card offered 8 ways on how to use it… my brain could only handle 4. Undaunted, I approached an assistant with a view to creating a fabulous looking Grecian dress… She appeared even more clueless than me… What a challenge I thought!

So with my willing model Fiona, who also happens to be a garment technologist for Debenhams, surely between us we could master all 6?? 

This is the label that came with the “multi functional scarf”…. we skipped the first 3 – I think everyone knows how to drape it around the neck! Next….

Stepping into the tube… we tied it at the back of her neck and draped the front. Using a belt added a bit of shape…
We folded it in half and twisted it around her neck… maybe best for over a bikini as when she walked it was completely open at the front!!
One of the easiest… we draped it around her and tied it over one shoulder… it was somewhat exposed at the side though!
I really like this one… We folded it in 2 and using the belt to secure it, pulled the top layer to the side, to create the ruched top part. We secured it at the back…

Who knew you could have SO much fun with a piece of fabric – the possibilities were endless, we found about 14 ways to wear it that weren’t on the card… And hey, even if I wear it only as a scarf, I think I’ve had my money’s worth out of it already! 

P.S. I found a smaller, but similar item in American Apparel called the “Circle Scarf” which was £30 – have a look at Have fun and get draping… And thanks for your help Fi!

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