London Fashion Weekend… Sept 10


As I’d totally sacked off the whole of LFW for a week in Ibiza (I’ve been plenty of times before and it was the only gap in my diary before I got hectic again – I had the best time by the way!) when my friend Kate asked if I’d escort her to the Friday night antics of London Fashion Weekend I thought it was rude to say no!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, LFW’end is when the official London Fashion Week exhibition and shows are over and the general public can buy tickets to get in on the action for a couple of days. Held at Somerset House in London, there are fashion shows, champagne bars, places to have your make-up done… and the designers who attended the exhibition sell their samples and old seasons stock at fantastically knocked down prices – basically it’s a fabulous giant sale! Designers included Angel Jackson, By Malene Birger and Olivia Rubin to name but a few.  For more information visit

I hadn’t been before – the thought of hoards of people all fighting over the same size 8/10 dress had always filled me with dread, but as my friend asked so nicely I thought I’d give it a go… And it wasn’t bad at all. When we arrived, I thought how suitable it was, not too busy, but with loads of things to look at and buy. However within 20 minutes, all hell was let loose. Little did we know that there had been a fashion show on when we’d arrived which was now over… and people were chomping at the bit to get shopping! Then it wasn’t so suitable – there were people literally everywhere… fighting over anything decent looking in a size 8 or 10, just as I’d thought!!

Even so, I fell in LOVE… with a dark green and black corsetted fine net over-lay Dolce & Gabbana main-line dress (which was being sold in the Designer Studio section which featured designers that didn’t show at LFW), which had been reduced from £2000 to £450 (I didn’t get it I might add – I said to myself “Walk away from the dress Fiona, you need boots and proper A/W clothes, not evening dresses”)!! Kate however, was in the mood for shopping and got some fab Matthew Williamson sunglasses for £40, after trying on some hilarious ones, as below. She also got some amazing shoes… all the Kors by Michael Kors shoes were size 4 (her size) and £30, reduced from around £300! What a bargain… how stunning are the zebra print ones??

All in all, fun was definitely had, but next time I’ll be prepared with sharpened elbows and comfy shoes! See you next year Somerset House…

Maybe not for every day Katie??
The table of Michael Kors shoes… where are the size 8’s??
Kate (posing ever so slightly for the camera) wearing her newly purchased Matthew Williamson sunnies and showing off her zebra print Michael Kors shoes (and her stunning Mulberry Alexia I might add!)…

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