Killer heels

My “stand-off” with high-heel shoe shopping finally came to an end the other day. For the past couple of seasons, if you’re 5″7 or over and you venture into any shoe store such as Kurt Geiger, Topshop or Aldo, there are only about 3 pairs of high heeled shoes to choose from that don’t make you look like a “man-in-drag” – as practically every pair of  dressy-ish shoes or ankle boots have a built in platform and 10 inch heels with the only other choice being some lame-o pair of kitten heels that make you look like Kate Middleton, pre-engagement announcement!

Why is it that there are no in-between height shoes that you actually want to wear i.e. that don’t make you look like a bridesmaid? It’s not that I don’t like high-heels it’s just that I want a choice… Firstly these giant shoes make me really, really tall and secondly, I have very narrow feet, so I often struggle to keep these skyscrapers on. I have to spread my toes out in the vain attempt to stop them slipping off or I have to wear heel grips which make them a size smaller and therefore very uncomfortable. All in all I’ve seriously been struggling to buy shoes for ages now. I feel rather bad saying that as I’m a personal shopper but I’ve had exactly the same issues with my customers too – of the trendier styles, it’s drag-queen/lady of the night or nothing!

Anyway, last week I was going to a “black-tie do” and I had to buy some new shoes… so Monday PM therefore found me heading to Selfridges shoe heaven, sorry, I mean shoe galleries, to begin my search ( I tried on several styles but there were very few I could actually keep on, as they were all crazily high and they were pretty “blah” looking to be honest. I then came across a pair of STUNNING Corso Como Kurt Geiger Fashionistas that I’d seen in all the magazines for the last couple of months and here they were in my size, half price in the sale (!

When I put the right shoe on it fitted like a glove – unbelievably high but it looked amazing. I asked the shop assistant to get me the other shoe… and of course I loved them! I felt so tall and fabulous – and of course like a “fashionista”. I knew instantly that I had to have them. I asked the guy helping me to stand next to me to see how tall they made me. We worked out I was about 6”1 – I was clearly never going to find a man in these heels!! But what the hell, who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got shoes to die for!! Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out…

I was SO excited with my purchase, I skipped home and couldn’t wait to wear them the following evening… The night of the event I decided not to put them on until I was just about to step out of the taxi – I slipped them on and looked down – oooh, the excitement… First step, second step… “Stone the crows” I thought to myself, “these bad boys are pretty tough to actually WALK IN”, of course I’d only tip-toed about 3 steps in them on the carpet when I’d tried them on. I had to concentrate so hard to walk it was ridiculous. They threw me forward so much I felt like I was being launched off running blocks with every step! It was a nightmare… I started to panic. I realized with horror… the shoes were wearing me!! My mind was so fixated on my feet I could barely think of anything else. As soon as we sat down to eat I took them off under the table – the relief! But when I had to put them back on I felt like one of the ugly step sisters, I could barely get my feet into them – and when I stood up I was in agony. I spent the rest of the evening walking and dancing like an imbecile. My toes were so cramped, it felt as though they were constantly trying to escape from the torture/hell I was putting them through and my every step was agony…

When I got home in the small hours I kicked the shoes off and swore I’d only ever wear flat shoes again for the rest of my life. The next day my tendons had stretched so much that I could barely even walk down the stairs and as I walked past my beautiful “Fashionistas” lying abandoned in the hall I pulled a face at them. “What’s wrong with bridesmaid shoes anyway,” I thought angrily? They literally were “killer” heels

EBAY anyone??

P.S. I annoyingly saw a picture of Olivia Palermo sporting the exact same pair in yellow a couple of weeks ago in Grazia and she was wearing them as though they were ballet flats! Grrr… belated New Years Resolution – must learn to walk in skyscraper heels!!!

P.P.S. The yellow ones are even more fabulous than the black ones I bought, have a peek:

3 thoughts on “Killer heels

  1. Cali

    So it’s not just me! I bought these last week and OMG they’re beautiful but horrendous to walk in. Ive decided to dedicate some practice time indoors before I take these babies out for the real deal.

  2. Ana

    I bought these beautiful shoes on Shoeaholics (Kurt Geiger outlet online shop) earlier this year because they were too beautiful not to, and for £49 I couldn’t say no. Now I actually have an event to wear them to and I just tried to walk in them but it was nearly impossible. My ankle is at such a weird angle and I cannot put any pressure on my heels so the balls of my feet hurt so badly and it is really hard to just balance. Really gutted but they are too beautiful to return, but I have no idea how to walk in them! 😦

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