Going for the chop!

OMG! I’ve had my hair cut… And it’s quite short… For those of you who know me you’ll know it’s quite a big deal because I’ve had long hair for about a gazillion years. And apart from having a fringe cut several years ago, in reaction to splitting up with my ex, I have had the same swinging locks for nearly two decades.

It almost happened 3 months ago when I last went to the hairdressers and I mentioned that I’d been thinking about going for the “chop”. I told him that I didn’t want it “lurking around no-mans-land” looking like I was growing out a bob or something – and basically I chickened out. I had my usual “take off as little as possible trim” and didn’t give it another thought. Until last Tuesday…

As usual my copy of Grazia was on the doormat and there on the front cover was the head-line “Jen’s crisis make-over… Sleepless night before that crop”!!! Slightly dramatic you might think but apparently not. Seemingly, Jen’s hair is not only a barometer to how she feels, but also it affects us too! We’ve been obsessing with her barnet ever since she became famous for the “Rachel” hair-do in Friends, back in 1994. Since, then apart from going up and down a couple of inches and various shades of blonde high-lights, it’s remained the same. Which has been rather comforting and familiar; she looks approachable and friendly with her “wash-and-go” glam but girl-next-door locks. This is probably why we all like her so much and can’t stand her “husband thief”, Angelina Jolie.

© Turkbug | Dreamstime.com

Now I don’t know why Jen decided to go for the plunge – to be honest I’m not even sure why I did. But after having a flick through Grazia and spotting not only Jen, but Olivia Palermo and Scarlet Johansson sporting substantially shorter locks – and after Ian my hairdresser and I having the same boring “Should I, shouldn’t I?”, conversation as 3 months ago… I simply said, “Just do it“.

So he did it. But he didn’t do it whole-heartedly at first, initially it was definitely lurking in “no-mans land” (my feared length) – so I told him to keep going as it was all or nothing and had to be done properly. Bless him he kept saying “I’m waiting for you to burst into tears!” But actually, it felt quite liberating – it was only when washing my hair for the first time the next day that I felt bizarre – there was just nothing there… And tying hair back? Well, I’ve never seen such a poor attempt at a pony tail in my life… And don’t believe anyone who says short hair is easy – it’s a lie. I spent longer straightening my hair this morning than yesterday when I had over double the amount. And now you have to have a good hair day every day as there’s sure as heck no option to simply “tie it back”!! OMG – what have I done?? 

On a plus point however, people keep telling me how much they like it (even though what else are they going to say!!) and how young I look… Which is quite worrying as how old did I look before?? But seriously, I do like it. I’m sure I’ll end up growing it again before long – but for now I’m happy with my “hairline bob“… Jen had better not turn up on this week’s cover sporting a full-head of hair extensions!!

Take a look at Jen for yourself….


P.S. My hairdresser Ian is based at Willie Smarts in Clapham Common – www.williesmarts.co.uk

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