Girl Meets Dress

Honestly, when you hear the idea, it’s the kind of thing you can’t believe you didn’t come up with yourself… it’s so simple. In the fashion world, Stylists and PRs borrow samples from collections all the time – so why not have the same concept where “normal” people have access to designer dresses without having to spend a fortune buying them?? “Girl Meets Dress” does exactly that – as all the fabulous dresses on their website are for hire!! What’s not to love… you can get the look, without the price tag – it’s like wearing something once and returning it with the tags on (by the way, this is definitely not ok – back in the days when I worked in retail, someone tried to return a Paul Smith pale blue baby-cord strapless dress to me so covered in fake tan and strain/wear lines across the skirt, I basically laughed in her face but because she spent a fortune in the store, she got away with it!! V. annoying now I look back!).

Alice and Olivia Goddess Draped dress from £79

Anyway, with “Girl Meets Dress” you don’t need to worry about the whole “buying an outfit for an event” and only feeling like you can wear it once because all your friends have seen it… as you can borrow another one the next time. Plus, you have access to dresses you may never have been able to afford if you’d been paying for them in the shops – suddenly you can afford Marc Jacobs, Alice Temperley and Chloe!

So how does it work I hear you ask… here are the steps from their press release (for further info go direct to the website):

  1. Place up to 3 of your favourite dresses into your “shopping bag” to try on
  2. Select the number of nights you want them for (either 2 or 7 nights) – you can add insurance at this stage for a little peace of mind for £7
  3. Choose a delivery date – it can be the next day or you can pre-order your frock so you definitely get the one you want
  4. Once you received them – you let them know the one you have chosen so they can refund the difference
  5. Once you’ve worn it you don’t even need to dry-clean it – just put it back in the pre-paid packaging and send it back to them!!
Marchesa Notte Bow Cocktail dress from £89

The website was launched by co-founders Anna Bance and Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise. After Anna left her PR job at Hermes she was inspired by the constant lending and borrowing which goes on in the fashion industry and she wanted to open up the fashion “closets” to all girls “to give them the freedom to borrow any dress they wish for every event throughout the year… giving them the luxury of an endless closet”.

I really do think this is such a fabulous idea and there are so many dresses to choose from… Click on the below link and they’ll all be at your finger tips!

Dina Bar-El Penelope Gown… from £109

Visit Girl Meets Dress….

2 thoughts on “Girl Meets Dress

  1. Panama

    There are lots of advantages. Here are just a few: Save money by resisting the urge to accumulate a closet full of items that cost a fortune – but are quickly outdated. Choose from hundreds of dresses from the comfort of your home without having to dash to all the stores in a panic at the last minute. Wear the same dress featured in this month’s fashion magazines, or worn by your favorite celebrity. Keep an item as long as you want. When it’s time for something new, simply return one item and borrow another. With fashion changing so quickly what’s “in” today is “out” tomorrow, so that expensive designer dress you bought will be quickly gathering dust on the shelf so it much more effective to rent a designer dress of your choice and always be wearing the best option whatever the event!

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