How old is too old?

The favourite “How old is too old” debate was re-ignited last week and from the headlines, as I’m 33, it’s something I should apparently be thinking about… The survey causing all the fuss was commissioned by Diet Chef, finding that 44% of women worry regularly that they’re too old to wear certain items and that anyone over 35 shouldn’t wear a miniskirt!
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Personally, I very much think that it’s down to the individual… I don’t generally consider things like, “How old is too old” as I have my own barometer – would Gwen Stefani (aged 42) or Carrie Bradshaw wear it (I know she’s a fictional character, but she was meant to be in her early 30’s-40’s during the series and had one the most diverse wardrobes ever!)?? Not that I think I’m like either of these famous faces, but if they can get away with crazy stuff, I can wear something borderline “out-there” if I so desire it!

With this in mind, I was sale shopping the other day which I don’t usually do as in my head, apart from keeping my eyes peeled for any last minute high-summer “Ibiza” holiday purchases, I’m already thinking Autumn/Winter investment pieces! But anyway… whilst out and about I spotted a pair of Religion black denim and sequin shorts…

Now I’m one of those people who hates looking at themselves (or my customers for that matter) in a pokey changing room and have always dived outside the curtain to have a proper look at myself in a long mirror (not only is the lighting usually better but when looking at yourself too close, you often look quite different proportion wise than in real life). But back to the story… there I was in black tights and the sequined shorts and thought that they looked pretty ok. After getting unchanged I headed to the till where a rather young and very “trendy” sales assistant asked me if I was going to take them, I replied yes and he said “Good choice, you looked like a Rock-stars Mrs!”

Maybe I was over-reacting, but on hearing this I nearly choked on my own breath and started to laugh hysterically – visualising either some ageing rocker’s a) “Dolly bird” or b) mid-40s, clinging to her youth, hot-pant wearing, aging dolly bird (the type that I have to admit I loved watching on MTVs “Married to Rock”). And yes, it made me question whether I should buy them… Was I really too old for black sequined shorts (don’t answer that)??

While this question was still in my head I then considered the raging debate, how apparently you shouldn’t wear a bikini after 39 – and the maximum age for a mini-skirt is 35! Sorry if I don’t finish this blog, but I’ll be far too busy wearing every inappropriate style/fashion item that a nearly mid-30 year old can wear without being lynched!! Lord, it’s such an exhausting mind field of rules and regulations…

Now I do have to point out, that many people do get it wrong and parade around showing off somewhat more than they should… However, if you DO get it right and have a decent figure, then surely the answer is if you feel comfortable and confident in something, “Wear it while you still can!” Well, that’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it (whilst Gwen and Carrie still are anyway!).

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