Rain rain go away!

I know it’s not just me… everyone is sick of the weather at the moment. It’s dull and raining one minute, snowing the next – how are we supposed to be getting excited about summer clothes when all I want to do when I get in from work is throw on a hoodie and Uggs and get the hot-water bottle out! We had a glimmer of sunshine a few weeks a ago and suddenly I got the urge to hit the shops, as everything in my wardrobe felt drab and just so last season – but after a day or two the rain and cold returned and it was back to the winter layers again.

The problem is that shopping for summer clothes when the temperature is sub-zero feels like a pointless excercise, as your newly purchased items will be thrust to the back of the wardrobe and probably forgotten about for at least 2 months! However, the other day, when the sun finally got his hat on, I decided that I needed to start my S/S shopping immediately… I should add at this point that the items I purchased are now mocking me on a daily basis with their summery-ness, but I am feeling more prepared should, shock horror, the temperature get above 10 degrees! 

Annoyingly/tantalizingly the magazines are full of amazing S/S items at the moment – on my wish list is a pair of Sophia Webster heels, the full spectrum of neon coloured leather tote bags from Milli Millu (how are you meant to choose one?) and a stunning glow-in-the-dark crystal necklace from Tom Binns. In a nut-shell I’m being drawn to items that aren’t overly summery, but inject some life and colour into my fairly dull A/W12-carry-over-into-early-S/S13-wardrobe – and will also work when summer is in full swing…

Neon knit Back in the real world, I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of a neon yellow sweater and statement necklace combo from Topshop, which seem to lift depressing weather days and always get compliments. Don’t be afraid of neon colours – they can be a bit scary, but work really well with black and are big for this season… I sometimes need a bit more eye-liner or blusher if I’m looking a touch pasty, but otherwise brights are a welcome break from a sea of dark colours and an easy way to update.

Orange bag 1Another recently purchased transitional “winner” has been an orange leather tote bag from Coccinelle at Bicester Village (my alternative to the completely stunning, but hugely expensive Celine Boston Bag). I am loving using it – as it enhances not only my outfit but my mood too! I was seriously impressed with Coccinelle’s selection of very well made and priced leather handbags – being a “Prada” girl – my new orange purchase is made from Saffiano leather, like my Prada “It” bag bought several seasons ago. Unfortunately, said bag is now retailing well over the £1000 mark so when I saw the £180 price tag for its orange cousin I thought it was too good to leave on the shelf! Investing in a brightly coloured handbag is an instant way to “lift” an outfit and a good transitional piece to take your look into Spring. It also adds a bit of fun to your existing wardrobe.

Actually, stores are great at offering us pieces that can easily update our wardrobes in-between seasons and usually have more weather “friendly” stock available these days. They have learnt that we don’t want to see shorts and linen trousers on sale when our garden plants are dying of frost-bite! Shopping in independent boutiques is a bit different as stock isn’t updated as regularly and sizes will sell out early. In general though, we can wait and save our hard-earned cash until the weather perks up a bit… however, don’t leave it too late! I often get clients wanting to go personal shopping for summer clothes in June and by then the sales are on and believe it or not, it’s almost time for fashion’s merry-go-round to start again as A/W is back! With that in mind – rain, rain, please go away…

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