Stickering Up

Handbag shopping is a favourite past-time of mine (obviously). It’s up there with finding a “must buy” when I’m Styling away at Bicester Village… so being able to combine the two gives a real glow to the cheeks even on a cold day such as today!

When in the village I always pop into Anya Hindmarch to see what fab pieces they have in…and on one particular Friday before Christmas, I spotted the most wonderful electric blue “Maxi Zip Cross-Body” bag.  After establishing that they only had 2 left I asked a member of staff to keep one for me until I could snap it up after work…

*My best Bicester advice would be to not leave anything on the shelf that you really love… as undoubtedly by the time you’ve deliberated over lunch and decided to go back for it, it will have gone! Definite unhappy face 😦

Anyway, I was SO pleased with my purchase, it was a fantastic price and a classic Anya style, but I decided that it needed a bit of “pimping-up”! So off I dashed to their Bond Street store to get my leather sticker fix! If you’ve not had the good fortune of visiting their boutique then you’re in for a treat… It’s so much fun and currently it’s stickers galore!! In a moment of insanity, I took my boyfriend with me – I don’t know what I was thinking… he didn’t get it at all. I had to ask the lovely assistant to whisper me the prices, as he definitely wouldn’t have understood the £45 price tag! However, I walked away happy with my sticker stash, especially the crazy eye-balls which made me smile 🙂

Then yesterday, after several weeks of fiddling with combinations, I finally took the plunge and… I’m thrilled with the result! I hope you agree.

image 1
Maxi Zip cross-body bag (here with the additional shoulder strap)

image 9

image 2

image 7

image 5

image 6
I can’t wait to open my bag sitting across from people on the tube… Eye-ball alert!
image 8
I definitely love it!



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